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History Matters



History Matters is an educational program that transforms local residents into Otsego County Historians. 

1.  Click Here for the DRAFT description / overview
2.  Click Here for the DRAFT 2018 Syllabus
3.  Click Here for the DRAFT recruitment flyer
4.  Click Here for the DRAFT organizational chart concept


Your Tool Kit of Resources

Technical Training / Process
Otsego County / Content
1.  A Guide to Historical Research 5 pages  Source:  BBC Hands On History  
2.  Turn Back Time:  A Guide to Researching the History of Your High Street  16 pages   Source:  BBC Hands On History See the topics listed in the left column of this web site
3.  How To Turn Back Time on Your High Street - Quick Ideas  2 pages

Timeline of Otsego County History - 12 pages

4.  Seven Rules for Effective History Teaching or Bring Life to the History Class by Lee W. Formwalt  4 pages  source:  Organization of American Historians "10 Things Every Leader Should Know About Otsego County"
PowerPoint presentation
5.  Planning Outstanding Local History and Heritage Projects  40 pages   source:  Historic England Quality of Life Report Card - 4 pages
6.  Primary School Curriculum - History Social, Environmental and Scientific Education - Teacher Guidelines  139 pages  source:  Government of Ireland Must Reads are listed in the left column of this web site under the heading Written History.  Includes the county's centennial book and Gaylord's centennial newspaper.
7.  Calisphere - Local History Mapped: K-12 Activity and Assignment Ideas  2 pages  Source:  University of California  
8.  Foundations of Interpretation 
24 pages Source:  National Park Service

9.  Thinking Like A Historian
  click here for poster

The Historical Thinking Project
Promoting critical historical literacy for the 21st Century
source:  Canadian Heritage

Historical Thinking Concepts     click here for report
                                                 click here for poster

1.  Establish Historical Significance
"How do we decide what and whose stories to tell?"
            Poster                             Work Sheets
2.  Use Primary Source Evidence
"How do we know what we know?"
            Poster                             Work Sheets       Tips
3.  Identify Continuity & Change
"Does change always mean progress?"
            Poster                             Work Sheets
4.  Analyze Cause & Consequences
"What are the causes that are hidden from view?"
            Poster                             Work Sheets
5.  Take Historical Perspectives
"How can we ever understand the past?"
            Poster                             Work Sheets  1    2
6.  Understand Ethical Dimensions of History
"What do historical injustices and sacrifices mean for us today?"
            Poster                             Work Sheets

Two highly recommended books that every local historian should read:

 1.  "Nearby History:  Exploring the Past Around You" 3rd Edition
by David E. Kyvig and Myron A. Marty

2.  "On Doing Local History" 2nd Edition by Carol Kammen


Check Out These Web Sites is designed to help K–12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom. It builds on and disseminates the valuable lessons learned by more than 1,000 projects designed to raise student achievement by improving teachers’ knowledge and understanding of traditional U.S. history.  It places history content, teaching strategies, current research and issues, community building, and easy access to resources at center stage.  The aim is to bring together the many communities involved in improving history education and professional development for history teachers, allowing practitioners, historians, administrators, and history educators to present multiple perspectives, debate current issues, and work together to improve history teaching in classrooms throughout the United States.


Link to What Was There - Put History In Its Place!  See old photos  superimposed onto Google Street View for a before and after comparison.  The fade feature is very cool!



Otsego County
Historical Society

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Gaylord, Michigan

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Gaylord, MI  49734

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Our Mission
 To preserve and protect the heritage, histoical sites, and
artifacts of Otsego County for the benefit of future generations 


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