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The Johannesburg Manufacturing Company created a state of the art lumber operation and incorporated the village in 1901. The town was named for Johanna Hanson Bay, sister of Rasmus Hanson who was president of the Company. (His mother's name was also Johanna Hanson, but his sister and her husband Rasmus Bay moved to Johannesburg and became the company store managers.)

Rasmus Hanson, Nels Michelson and Ernest Salling owned and operated several lumber related businesses around northern Michigan. Johannesburg was the last they founded together. By the time Johannesburg was established, the three founding fathers were elderly. Hanson's and Michelson's sons managed the operation in Johannesburg. Frank Michelson, Nels son, built a beautiful home for his family in Johannesburg.

 Most of the homes and commercial buildings were owned by the Company. Rasmus Hanson's sister Mary Rassmussen and her husband built the hotel, the largest commercial building in town. Frank Michelson built another large commercial building that housed many businesses. It was a brick block structure...the only building constructed from brick. Later, the public school was located in the brick building. In 1929, the Company closed its doors - one month prior to the big stock market crash. They sold all the homes and buildings they owned. Today the company store remains. It has been vacant for many years. In 2009, it was placed on the National Register of Historic places. - S.J. Schiller



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For more information about
Johannesburg, read the book
"Early Life in the Johannesburg Area"
by Wayne B. Welch

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