Rural One-Room Schools of Otsego County 

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40 House Camp



Bagely District #2 a.k.a. Salling


Big Lake



Brick a.k.a. Lozen, Van Tyle, Hayes District #2


Chester District #1  a.k.a. Big Lake

Chester District #2 a.k.a. King


Corwith District #8

Corwith District #9

Dover District # 2  a.k.a. Sparr

Dover District #3  a.k.a. Marquardt  

Elmira District #1 Porcupine

Elmira District #2 Hallenius

Elmira District #3 Shaff

Elmira District #4 

Fairgreave or Fairgrieve

Fisher a.k.a. Pink or Hayes District #1

Five Lakes a.k.a. Fox

Fox a.k.a. Five Lakes




Green a.k.a. Porcupine


Hallock a.k.a. Hill or Hilly Road

Hayes District #1 a.k.a. Fisher or Pink

Hayes District #2  a.k.a. Lozen

Hayes District #3  a.k.a. Swanson

Hayes District #4 a.k.a. Coppins

Heatherton or Hetherton

Hill Road a.k.a. Hilly Road or Hallock



King a.k.a. Chester District #2




Lozen  a.k.a. Hayes District #2 or Van Tyle









Meston a.k.a. Pulaski



Mount Jack


New Toledo  a.k.a. Moedsker

Otsego Lake

Palmer a.k.a. Lewis

Pink  a.k.a. Fisher

Poor Farm

Porcupine  a.k.a. Green

Pleasant Hill

Pulaski   a.k.a. Meston

Pyke or Pike

Red School  

Royal Stone a.k.a. Sturgeon Valley


Salling a.k.a. Bagley District #2





Sturgeon Valley

Swanson  a.k.a. Hayes District #3


Van Buren

Van Tyle  a.k.a. Lozen, Brick, Hayes District #2




Weber a.k.a. Pulaski







a.k.a. = also known as.  Some schools were known by more than one name. 

*Fractional schools had students from more than one county  

Details about Each School


40 House Camp:  a.k.a. Hayes Dist. #4 (2nd) :  Section 16, Hayes Township  

Anderson:  a.k.a. Swanson School

Ashley:  Section 10 (SW) Corwith Township west

Bagley District #2: a.k.a. Salling

Berryville:  Section 31 (NNW) Corwith Township west

Big Lake:  Section 8 Chester Township , a.k.a. Chester #1, now Chester Township Hall   Open 1905 – 1971

Bollinger or Ballenger:  east of Vanderbilt on Sturgeon Valley Road , Section 19 Corwith Township east

Boyle:  Section 7 (NE) of Corwith Township west

Brick:  a.k.a. Van Tyle

Burr:  see Herald Times 1905

Chester District #1:  a.k.a. Big Lake

Chester District #2:  a.k.a. King

Coppins a.k.a. Hayes District #4 (1st):  Section 5 of Hayes Township.  VanTyle and Estelle Roads

Corwith District #8:  Section 11 (SE) of Corwith Township west a.k.a. Cozy Corner school located on Alexander Road 2 miles east of Old 27

Corwith District #9:  Section 18 (NC) of Corwith Township east located on Ford Lake Road 1/2 mile east of Range Line Road

Dixon ? Section 7 Chester Township ??

Dover :  1905, Dover #2 built in 1905 (see Sparr), No. 3 built in 1906.

Elmira District #1   a.k.a. Porcupine

Elmira District #2   a.k.a. Hallenius or Teeter

Elmira District #3   a.k.a. Shaff

Elmira District #4   a.k.a. Rusnell or Camp 10 School located on Camp 10 Road 1/2 mile north of M-32

Fairgreave  or Fairgrieve:  Section 21 Charlton Township center on M-32 south of Johannesburg

Fisher a.k.a. Pink or Hayes #1:  Section 34 Hayes Township north on Hayes Tower Road

Five Lakes a.k.a. Fox:  North end of Five Lakes near the Widger farm 
        – Miss Mattie Hall
teacher 1887-1900 – log school house.

Franks:  Located on Townline Road , section 36 Elmira Township

Fox  a.k.a. Five Lakes :  Section 36 (NE) of Elmira Township .  North Townline Road and Hallenius Road

Gibbs*:  Gibbs Road and Meridian Road .  Section 14, Charlton Township

Gilbert  a.k.a. Marlette

Green a.k.a. Porcupine

Hallenius a.k.a. Elmira District #2 or Teeter:  Section 35 of Elmira Township.  SE corner of Hallenius Road at M-32

Hallock a.k.a. Hill or Hilly Row or Davis:  Teacher in 1877 – Miss Mattie Hall (Mrs. George Teeter)

Hayes #1  a.k.a. Fisher or Pink: Section 34 (SW) of Hayes Township north on Hayes Tower Road

Hayes #2    a.k.a. Van Tyle

Hayes #3    a.k.a. Swanson

Hayes #4:   a.k.a. 40 House Camp(2nd) Section 16 or Coppins(1st): Section 5, Hayes Township

Heatherton or Hetherton:  Section 12 of Charlton Township central .  Hetherton at Meridian Roads

Hill Road    a.k.a. Hallock or Hilly Row

Huffman*:  In Charlevoix County on Huffman Lake Road


King a.k.a. Chester #2:  Section 16 (NE) of Chester Township north.  M-32 and Oley Lake Road.  West of the   
    former Township Hall – across the road (M-32).

Klingensmith:  mentioned in 1905 Herald Times article

Lewis a.k.a. Palmer:  Section 26 of Chester Township on Finnegan Road

Logan :  Section 3 (NE) of Livingston Township on Whitmarsh Road east of Old 27

Lozen a.k.a. Van Tyle:  Section 2, Hayes Township .  Lozen was one of the first rural schools to consolidate with
        the Gaylord Schools.  Mrs. Bea Lux was the teacher at the time and went with her students and taught at 
        the Gaylord School .

McCoy (Bagley Twp District #4):  Section 11 (SC) of Bagley Township located on F-42 1 mile east of East Dixon Lake Road

McGregor* a.k.a. Wertman School:  with Charlevoix County .  Lewis and McGregor Roads in Charlevoix County

Madison :  (windmill with tank in school and horse tank at roadside)  Herald Times 1905

Marlette a.k.a. Gilbert:  Section 33 (NE) of Otsego Lake Township.  At the northeast corner of Marlette 
        and Sherman Roads.  Otsego Lake Township District #3

Martindale  a.k.a. Pyke or Pike - Elmira Twp District #7:  Section 8 (NC) of Livingston Township

Marquardt:  Section 20 of Dover Township District #3 on Marquardt Road and Seymore Road .  Now the Dover Township Hall

Menzies a.k.a. Rush Schol:  Section 33 (NE) of Corwith west

Meston  a.k.a. Pulaski

Moedsker a.k.a. New Toledo, Wheeler, and Metzger School :   Located at Beckett and Waters Roads

Mount Jack:    Hayes Township section 9

Murner:  Section 19 (NE) of Livingston Township .  Murner at Parmater Roads

Otsego Lake :  Section 8 of Otsego Lake Township District #1 and #2 in Otsego Lake Village.  Built in 1874

Palmer  a.k.a. Lewis:  Section 26 of Chester Township on Finnegan Road

Pink a.k.a. Fisher

Poor Farm:  Section 20 (SE) of Livingston Township .  Allis Road at Pike School Road

Porcupine a.k.a. Green:  Section 13 (SW) of Elmira Township.  Parmater Road at Shaff Road.  Burned in 1932

Pleasant Hill a.k.a. Pyke

Pulaski a.k.a. Meston or Weber:  Section 1 (NC) of Bagley Township.  Wilkinson Road at Goslow Road.  
Current site of the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Pyke a.k.a. Pike or District #7, Martindale:  Section 8 (NC) of Livingston Township

Red School :  Section 16 (SE) of Livingston Township .  District #5 1884-1951 (or 1953?)  Now located at the Otsego County Fairgrounds and open to the public during fair week.

Rush a.k.a. Menzies School:  Built in  1890 on Huffman Lake Road west of Vanderbilt.  Section 33 Corwith Twp west

Salling  a.k.a. Bagley:  Section 21 of Bagley Township District #2.  Built in 1911

Sawyer : Charlton Township north

Shaff a.k.a. Elmira District #3  (windmill with tank)  Section 1 (SW) of Elmira Township .Martindale at Shaff Roads.  Stone building

Shields:  Section 24 (NE) of Livingston Township District #10 .  SW corner of Goslow and Pocquette Roads

Sparr a.k.a. Dover District #2 :Built in 1905.  Section 29 in Dover Township on Sparr Road at Marquardt SW corner

Sturgeon Valley a.k.a. Royal Stone:  Section 29 (WC) of Corwith Township center.  Corwith District #7
        Old Vanderbilt Road and Fontinalis Road

Swanson a.k.a. Anderson - Hayes Township District #3:  Section 13 of Hayes Township south on Mancelona Road

Teeter a.k.a. Hallenius and Elmira District #2

Van Buren - Herald Times 1905

Van Tyle a.k.a. Lozen, Brick, Hayes District #2:  Section 2 (SC) of Hayes Township north 
        on VanTyle at Coger Roads

Vienna:  M-32 and Meridian Road.  Section 24 of Charlton Township central

Water:  Located in Charlton Township - named for William Waters

Waters:  Located in the village of Waters , Otsego Lake Township section 29

Weber         see Pulaski

Wertman a.k.a. McGregor School:  Section 19 (NE) of Corwith Township west

Wheeler: a.k.a. Metzger,  Section 1 of Chester Township.  Beckett Road at Waters Road

Whitmarsh:  Section 5 (NC) of Dover Township on Peanut Hill Road 1/4 mile north of Winnie Hill Road

? Wolf: a.k.a. Sparr Section 29 (SC) of Dover Township


  Some schools were known by more than one name.


* Fractional schools had students from more than one county




This list was compiled by Phil Alexander from a variety of sources of information.  Sometimes there was conflicting data or the location was unclear.  Misspelling, typing mistakes, and other errors are likely – please send me corrections and additional information on these one-room schools of Otsego County .



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