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Maps of Otsego County

1842 Map of Michigan
(Note:  Otsego County was named Okkuddo then)

1842 Map of Michigan
by Tanner
(Note:  Otsego County was named Okkuddo then)

1873 Map of Michigan
(Note:  Otsego Lake  was labeled Manitou Lake)

1873 Map of Otsego County
(Note:  Only 3 Townships existed)

1884 Map of Otsego County
by Walling

1910 Map of Otsego County
by Bowens

Undated Map of Otsego County c. 1940s
Dept. of Conservation

1940 Recreational Map


Undated Plat Maps of Townships
c. 1930

Ghost Towns of Otsego County map


Otsego County
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Gaylord, Michigan

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