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1.  Otsego County Quality of Life Assessment:  What Does It Mean To You?
   Business Implications PowerPoint Presentation (2MB)
   By Charlie Bono
   March 2013
2. 2012 Community Health Assessment (5MB)

3. Community Health Improvement Plan 2013-2015
   Priority #1:  Obesity
   Priority #2: Access to Health Care
   Priority #3:  Substance Abuse

4.  Revised Report Card



     Project Summary  Progress Report - December 2012 
         Appendix A  Results of mailed survey - November 2011 

         Appendix B Results of on-line survey - February, 2012

         Appendix C  Youth input session - Spring Break 2012

         Appendix D  Community Conversations summary - May 2 & 3, 2012

         Appendix E  CAT report - September 27, 2012

         Appendix F  Selected Reference Materials


Quality of life is different for each of us but in general it is an expression that summarizes our opinions about our community and includes attributes such as friendliness, health care, safety, recreation, natural resources, and educational and employment opportunities which together determine whether our county is a desirable place to live

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