Otsego County

Quality of Life Assessment



Project Overview


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2009 Otsego County Master Plan

Vision Statement

 Collectively, Otsego County residents envision their rural, northern Michigan community to be a place where housing is affordable, in attractive, safe neighborhoods.  Students can attend neighborhood schools and can participate in afterschool activities that stimulate their minds and/or bodies.  Residents have the possibilities of meaningful employment opportunities locally and they can enjoy the region’s cultural and recreational activities after work.  Through proactive planning and zoning enforcement, the aesthetic appeal and unique environmental quality of the county will be protected.  In-fill and adaptive-reuse developments will compliment the traditional feel of the pedestrian friendly downtown commercial areas.  The option for clustered residential will help to preserve agricultural lands and open space.  Landscaping provisions will enhance community streetscapes and add to the distinct character of Gaylord, Vanderbilt and the Town Centers of Elmira, Johannesburg, and Waters.  Otsego County residents desire to preserve its natural resources while protecting its residents’ property rights.  In doing so, Otsego County will remain an enjoyable place to residents and visitors alike.


Source:  “One County – One Vision:  A Report from the Community”.  2004


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