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Quality of Life Assessment




Research and Samples from other Communities


  Our Quality of Life Assessment is based on sound research.  Here are a few documents that provide general 
  background information and explain the methodology used.

  1. Community-Relevant Measurement of Quality of Life:  A focus on local trends.
    Dowell Myers, University of Wisconsin-Madison
        "A community quality of life is constructed of the shared characteristics residents 
          experience in places (for example, air and water quality, traffic, or recreational 
          opportunities) and the subjective evaluations residents make of those conditions."
    *  Recent research on quality of life
    *  Quality of life as local experience
    *  Local measurement of quality of life
    *  Measuring quality of life by the community-trend method
    *  References

  2. Preparing for a Collaborative Community Assessment
    Iowa State University Extension CRD 334
     * What is community Assessment?
     *  Why should a community assessment be conducted?  
     *  What are the characteristics of successful community assessments?
     *  What are the steps involved in conducting a community assessment?
     *  We are done with the community assessment.  Now What?

    3.  Community and Quality of Life:  Data needs for informed decision making
         National Research Council

    4.  Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators
         Hazel Henderson, Jon Lickerman, and Patrice Flynn, Editors

     5.  Approaches to Measuring Community Change Indicators
          Liz Weaver, Paul Born, and Denise L. Whaley
               Tamarack:  An Institute for Community Engagement
               Vibrant Communities Canada
               The Ontario Trillium Foundation    



     Samples from other communities

  1.  Minnesota Milestones 2002:  Measures that matter

  2. Jacksonville, Florida

  3. Marion County Florida

  4. Carver County Minnesota




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