Otsego County

Quality of Life Assessment


CAT = Community Assessment Team 

CAT stands for Community Assessment Team.  The Team consists of resource people from outside of our county who have community development expertise matched to the key issues related to the Quality of Life in Otsego County.  The CAT is designed to be a short term, intense process to help our county assess challenges and strengths and begin to consider and formulate appropriate community development programs and activities.

 The CAT Team provides a snapshot of Otsego County by: 

        Examining whether our current services and programs are making a difference in the lives of its citizens.

         Finding out how our present services and programs can be improved, if necessary, and examine how these current services are affecting stakeholders from their point of view.

 Based on its observations, the CAT Team offers options and recommendations for the residents of Otsego County to consider for further study or implementation.


Focus Issues

1.  Otsego County CAT Itinerary -- September 26&27, 2012

2.  Outline Report Form

3.  CAT Report - List of observations, ideas, and recommendations.  September September 2012

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