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How is the Foundation governed?

The foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are responsible for seeking contributions, selecting projects and distributing funds.  The board of Trustees operates independently from any and all school boards and school administrations.  It does, however, seek out their advice and council at the time scholarships and mini-grants are being considered.


How does the Foundation fund projects?

The Foundation seeks tax-deductible contributions from individuals, businesses and organizations.  Contributions may be unrestricted or given for a specific purpose consistent with the goals of the foundation.

Here is what people are saying:

  • Comment from fourth graders after a theater field trip:

    • "Thank you for paying for the tickets.  It was nice of you."

    • "The play was nice. There were some good actors.  I liked the music and the acts."

    • "Thank you for paying for our tickets.  I hope I can go to another play again some time."


  • Comments from third graders after a nature-oriented field trip:

    • "I want to thank you a whole bunch for giving us that grant!"

    • "Yes, it was worth it.  I had fun."

    • "I really liked it.  I liked the animals the best!"

    • "I like the museum.  It was one of the most fun field trips I've had."


  • Other welcome comments:
    • "It was an incredible field trip enhancing the students education of the fantastic bodies of water that surround our beautiful state"

          -Elementary School Teacher


    • "We know without your interest and support, our participation in the program would not have been possible."

          -High School Teacher


    • "I appreciate your funding.  The project has proven to be a successful part of the learning process for special needs students."

          -Elementary Special Education Teacher


    • "I wish to express my gratitude to you for supporting my grant.  This opportunity will advance our student's experience in the field of technology."

          -Intermediate School teacher


    • "I wish to thank you once more for the scholarship money I received. This money carried me through some very tight money situations this past school year." 


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