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Gaylord Story Update

To see photos of downtown Gaylord, click one of the following locations printed in blue which corresponds to the 20 areas of Main Street and the side streets of Otsego Avenue, Court Street, and Center Street.  To see a larger version of the thumb nail, click on the small photo.

Section 1

1.  West 300 Main Street north side (includes the Museum)

2.  North Otsego Avenue west side (includes Mt. Carmel Centre)

Section 2

3.  North Otsego Avenue east side (includes Isabella's Copper Pot)

4.  West 200 Main Street north side (includes Sugar Bowl)

5.  North Court Street west side

Section 3

6.   North Court Street east side (includes McNamara Insurance)

7.  West 100 Main Street north side (includes Shannon Parkway)

8.  North Center Street west side (includes Pizza Tonite)

Section 4

9.  North Center Street east side

10.  East 100 Main Street north side (includes Johnson's Furniture)

Section 5

11.  East 100 Main Street south side (includes Thrifty Print)

12.  South Center Street east side (includes Citizen's Bank parking lot)

Section 6

13.  South Center Street west side

14.  West 100 Main Street south side (includes Fifth Third Bank)

15.  South Court Street east side

Section 7

16.  South Court Street west side

17.  West 200 Main Street south side (includes the County Courthouse)

18.  South Otsego Avenue east side (includes the Chamber's Welcome Center)

Section 8

19.  South Otsego Avenue west side (includes Timothy's Pub)

20  West 300 Main Street south side (includes Ben Franklin)

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