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The Gaylord Story - Page 2

Planning to convert Gaylord to the Alpine Village began with the 300 block of Main Street on the north side.  Photos of the buildings were taken and compared with architectural renderings using the alpine motif.  This idea for renovation took off like wild fire and quickly spread throughout the business district.

The transformation began and continues.  Here are two of the first building to adopt the Alpine Motif.  Al's Drug Store was on the corner and Ollic's Office Supply was in the center of the 300 Block.



The same Block looking west showing further renovation and expanded use of the Alpine theme.
Across the street, is how the south side of the 300 Block looked prior to the remodeling effort. The two-story building and the business next to it were vacant.  They were purchased and razed by Dibbles Department Store of Bad Axe.
Dibbles then purchased the building housing Moorhead's Sales and Service and built the structure seen in this photograph.  

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