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About Us

The mission of the Otsego County Literacy Council is to champion a more literate community in Otsego County by providing creative leadership to new and existing literacy efforts.

Literacy Council Members:
~Carrol Austin, Friends of the Otsego County Library

~Maureen Derenzy, Otsego County Library Director
~Dawn Fenstermaker, Great Start Collaborative
~Melinda Hambleton, Great Start Collaborative
Barbara Kaly, Friends of the Otsego County Library
Jackie Skinner, Otsego County Library
Marilyn Rairigh, Friends of the Otsego County Library
Michael Turnbull, FOA Field Manager

Bimonthly Literacy Council Meetings
The Otsego County Literacy Council meets the second Wednesday of every other month at the Otsego County Library.  The months the council meet are:  February, April, June, August, October and December.  Meetings are are at 9 a.m..  Everyone is welcome!

Did you Know?

  •  44% of adults in Michigan read at a 4th grade level or below.

  •  75% of unemployed adults have difficulty reading and writing!

  •  20% of Michigan adults are functionally illiterate.

  •  60% of the unemployed lack the basic literacy skills necessary to be trained for high tech jobs!

  •  Illiteracy costs business and taxpayers an estimated $20 billion per year!


2006 Otsego County Literacy Council