North Woods

Carving Club

Vol. 5 Number 12

March 2001

February Highlights

The February meeting was held at Jim Pike's Shop and called to order at 7:00 pm on 2-10-01.  There were 17
members and two guests present at
the meeting.  The Treasurers Report
was given.  As of the date of the meeting we had $3317.16 in our accounts.


The Stu Martin Seminar is full at this time.  There are also some names on a waiting list.  The members planning on attending the seminar where asked to indicate the carving rough out that they want to carve.  A book of samples was made available.

We received some bad news from the Metro Carvers.  Tony Malkowski passed away earlier in the month.  Our condolences go out to Tony's family, friends and the Metro Carvers Club.

There are a number of upcoming shows and carving events including our April 21st show at the Gaylord High School.  As well as the Metro Carvers of Michigan's 21st annual show to be held March 24-25, 2001.  Anyone interested in attending the show can get the information from our library.

The Web design program FrontPage 2000 that was approved for purchase has been received.  This will help greatly in getting our site on line very soon.

The vest samples had not come in as of the date of the meeting.  However, they did come in in time for the February 28th meeting.  The samples that came in are all khaki in color.  It was suggested that we consider green instead.  The samples will be available at the next meeting.

We have in excess of 28 tables rented so far for the show.  Members who are going to have a table are asked to make your reservations as soon as possible.

Corporate donations are slow in coming in.  Members are asked to take on the responsibility for contacting 1 or 2 potential donors and following up on them.  You can contact Trudy Sanocki to get the name of a potential donor.  Please help out.  This is too much for 3 or 4 people to do alone.

Volunteers to help out at the show will start being asked for in March.  Please don't be shy in approaching Karen Barden to give your time and effort.

Wendell Hoover put on a carving class at the Roscommon Elementary School for 23 4th graders and 4 adults.  The theme of the class was "Paddle to the Sea".  It was a canoe with a person paddling.  The design was very simple and Wendell said the kids did very well.  Pictures are available at the meeting in March.  Our club provided the knives and gloves.  Jim Pike provided the wood.

There was a motion by Jim Pike 2nd by Judy Brant for the club to pay all expenses raising from the show preparation.  The motion passed.

Thanks to Thelma Bast for the goodies she brought for us to eat.  Next month All Ottewell volunteered to provide refreshments.

Calendar Items


14  Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm

28  General Carving 7 - 9 pm


11 Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm

21 Art of the Carver Show, 10 am - 4 pm

25 General Carving 7 - 9 pm

Web Site

We are on line!!!  The North Woods Carving Club is now on line.  At the present time you can see our web site by typing  Our home page describes the club's purpose and you can see the current months newsletter.  You can also print out an entry form.  Because a check is needed to register for the show you will need to mail the form in by US mail.  We are very excited about being on line and we invite everyone to visit our site.



The North Woods Carving Club
President Bob Forde
Vice-President JoAnn Kraut
Treasurer Jim Pike
Secretary Sharon Gardner
Librarian Trudy Sanocki
Dues: $20 Initial
$15 Renewal
$25 Family Renewal

Bob Forde
P.O. Box 1282
Gaylord, MI  49734

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