North Woods

Carving Club

Vol. 5 Number 11

February 2001

January Highlights

The January meeting was held at Jim Pike's Shop and called to order at 7:00 pm on 1-10-01.  There were 17
members and two guests present at
the meeting.  The Treasurers Report
was given.  As of the date of the meeting we had $2459.63 in our accounts.


Ray Scott and I met with the people
from Hospice of Michigan and we turned over our check for $365.00. They were very appreciative and wanted to thank our membership for our efforts.  There was a photographer from the Harold Times there and he took a number of pictures.  However; as of this date, I have not seen any mention of the donation.

Persons interested in the Stu Martin seminar, see the details later in this newsletter.

General carvings at Jim Pikes shop on Monday nights will continue as usual. As always the cost of these extra sessions is $5.

Progress on our April show is on track except for donations, we are now getting as good a response as we have hoped for to date.  Anyone who knows of a possible donor is asked to follow up on it as soon as possible. The amount is not important, but we need cash donations.  The Judges for the competition are almost set. Members who plan to exhibit please send in your paper work soon.  We have a number of tables rented so far and we would like to set the table assignments as soon as we can.

Karen Barden has contacted the vest company and we will have some decisions to make.  There are a number of colors available.

The general consensus is that some combination of green and tan is preferable with our dub logo on the back.  There is a $25 set up fee for each color of the logo.  The cost for the vest will be about $10.

We have received 2 new books for our library from Merl Elens, "Power Carving" and "Relief Carving".

On a motion from Jim Pike 2nd by Sally Jarvis, a scholarship for $500 will be awarded to a GHS graduating student in 2002.

The applications for the 2001 scholarship have been delivered to the high school.  A committee to review the applications for the scholarship has been formed.  Bob Forde, Wendell Hoover, Sharon Gardner and Jim Pike will make up the committee.

Thanks to Trudy Sanocki for the cake.  Thelma will provide refreshments for the February meeting.


Stu Martin will be putting on a seminar at Jim Pike's shop April 2 and 3, 2001.  Stu has requested that those who will be attending the seminar pick out the carving you wish to do.  Please let Jim Pike know your choice as soon as possible.  This is so Stu will have enough of the right rough outs on hand.  You can look through the catalog at the club meeting.  To reserve your place in the seminar, a deposit of $25 is required.  Please give your deposit to Jim Pike by February 14, 2001.  The deposit will be refunded if you are unable to attend the seminar provided you notify Jim by March 26, 2001.  We have been notified that there are two non-members who wish to attend the seminar.  If we do not have 12 members wanting to take the seminar by Feb. 14th, the non-members will be added.

The cost of the seminar will be $50 - $60 for NWCC members.  If you are interested sign up now.

Calendar Items


14 Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm

28 General Carving 7 - 9 pm


14 Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm

28 General Carving 7 - 9 pm


11 Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm

21 Art of the Carver Show, 10 am - 4pm.

25 General Carving 7 - 9 pm



The North Woods Carving Club
President Bob Forde
Vice-President JoAnn Kraut
Treasurer Jim Pike
Secretary Sharon Gardner
Librarian Trudy Sanocki
Dues: $20 Initial
$15 Renewal
$25 Family Renewal

Bob Forde
P.O. Box 1282
Gaylord, MI  49734

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