M-32, Old-27 and I-75 Business Loop Corridor Study

Corridor Study Committee Members

Carl Lord, Otsego County Board of Commissioners

John Ernst, Otsego County Planning Commission

Joe Duff, City of Gaylord

Becky Curtis, City of Gaylord

Elizabeth Haus, Village of Vanderbilt

Joanne Mench, Livingston Township, Otsego County MTA

Mike Roper, Otsego County Road Commission

Jack Middleton, Otsego County MSU Extension

Bonnie Bussard, Michigan Department of Transportation

Phillip Becker, Michigan Department of Transportation

Tom Kellogg, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments

Richard Deuell, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments

Dawn Johnston, Gaylord ZBA, Festival Land Development

Rich Williams, Festival Land Development


Date: September 29, 2000

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