What is an Elder Friendly Community?

Being Elder Friendly means the community has the following set of assets in place that have been shown to improve the lives of Michigan seniors.

  • Safety and security: There is a high level of personal safety in the community.

  • Transportation: It is easy to get around in the community and planes, trains and buses are readily accessible for traveling out-of-town.

  • Supportive Community Systems: The community has good cell phone service, high speed internet, and multi-channel television. Services are located near populations and needed services are readily available. Seniors are considered when community decisions are made.

  • Commercial viability: Businesses and services are available that meet senior needs.

  • Housing: There is affordable housing matching a variety of lifestyle needs for seniors.

  • Access to Health Care: Seniors can be confident they can meet their medical needs now and in the future.

  • Enriching opportunities: Opportunities for seniors to keep learning new things are available

  • Recreation: A variety of opportunities exist to meet the diverse interests of seniors. The community is walkable.

  • Spiritual connections: A variety of places to worship exist and welcome and support seniors.

  • Embracing and appreciative attitude: Community members and leaders recognize the value of seniors in the community and treat them respectfully and appreciatively.

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