Michigan Certified Elder Friendly Communities – Otsego County
a project of
Michigan Vital Aging Think Tank (supported by MSU Extension) and Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging

The number of seniors in Michigan is increasing… and that’s a good thing!

Over the next fifteen years there will be a 41% increase in the number of residents age 65 and over. That’s 500,000 additional people age 65 and over by the year 2020.

The majority of these seniors will be vital, independent residents who can be a source
of civic, social and financial capital. They can serve as volunteers and activists, board members and elected officials, funders and community leaders. But communities must make a commitment to “ease the way” for this population group. The Certified Elder Friendly Community project will help communities achieve that goal.

 What is an Elder Friendly Community?

 How Does a Community Get Certified?

 Assessment Tool

 Otsego County EFC Team Members

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For further information about this project please contact:

Linda Cronk
MSU Extension
Extension Educator
(989) 344-3279
  Dona Wishart
Otsego County Commission on Aging; Assistant Director
(989) 732-1122

The Michigan Vital Aging Think Tank includes representatives from AARP, American Red Cross, Compass Communications, Elder Law of Michigan, Michigan Center for Nursing, Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan Office of Services to the Aging, MSU Community Agriculture Recreation and Resource Studies, MSU College of Human Medicine, MSU Dept. of Family and Child Ecology, MSU Department of Family Practice, MSU Extended Education, MSU Extension, MSU School of Social Work, MSU Human Resources Department Family Resource Center, MSU Extension, Tri-County Office on Aging, Wayne State University, and Western Michigan University.