The Pigeon River Country's most popular hiking and cross-country skiing trail, the Shingle Mill Pathway begins at the Pigeon Bridge Campground located just off Sturgeon Valley Rd. eleven miles east of the village of Vanderbilt.

Heading NE along the east bank of the Pigeon River, the trail actually branches off into five separate segments of different lengths, ranging from short 3/4 and 1&1/4 strolls to 6, 10, and 12 mile excursions, the latter three crossing to the west bank of the river at the Pigeon River Campground, and eventually bringing the hiker or skier back to the Pigeon River Bridge on Sturgeon Valley Road.

The Pigeon River at the Pigeon River Campground

Cross-country skiers should be aware that the terrain becomes increasingly challenging as the length of the selected loop increases, with the 10 and 12 mile loops involving some steeper hills.

Although bicycles are presently allowed on the pathway, cyclists are urged to be extra cautious to avoid eroding the steeper parts of the trail and be prepared to walk at times. Right of way must always be given to those on foot.

Horses and snowmobiles are forbidden to use the Shingle Mill Pathway at all times.


(and that of others):

  1. Respect the solitude of others. Travel in small groups.
  2. For saftey, travel with a buddy.
  3. Always carry a map and compass.
  4. Drinking water and toilets are available at the campgrounds. Do not drink from streams or springs without first purifying.
  5. Exitingish all fires carefully. Campfires outside of campground fire-rings may be forbidden at certain times.
  6. Carry out all garbage and trash.
  7. Plan for variable weather conditions.
  8. Carry effective insect repellent during the warm months.
  9. Keep pets under control at all times.

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