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While Gaylord was growing into a sizeable community, several other places played an important role in the economy of the county.  .  A few miles north is Vanderbilt.  To the west, Elmira .  To the east, Johannesburg .  To the south, Waters.  Unfortunately we were unable to obtain very many photographs of these places. 

5.  This very poor quality photograph is an early, overall view of the village of Vanderbilt .

6.  The French Brothers Store in 1896.

7.  Another old store in the Vanderbilt area.

8.  This is Vanderbilt in the 1890s looking west from the railroad.

9.  The early Vanderbilt school.

10.  The George W. Slade Meat Market.

11.  For years, the Yuill Brothers owned and operated the lumbering industry in and around Vanderbilt.  Their logging operations and their mill at Logan a few miles south of Vanderbilt produced millions of feet of lumber most of which was shipped south to Bay City and other markets.  This picture is of the Yuill Brothers office from which they sold thousands of acres of cut-over land which was soon cleared of stumps and became valuable farm land.  The principle crop was potatoes.