People and Schools

In order to properly and adequately tell the history of Otsego County, one should include the names and life stories of a long list of men and women who contr4ibuted so much to the economic, social, and cultural growth of this area.  Obviously that could not possibly be done.  The following photos provide a visual impression of what life and the people were like 70 – 90 years ago.

Slides 186 – 206


1.  The style of the clothing and the automobiles date this picture somewhere between 1910 and 1920.

2.  This imposing and dignified group as the board of directors of the Gaylord State Bank.  Notice the crank telephone and the feather duster on the rear wall.  Included are Earl Bolton, Sanford Buck, Horace Blodgett, Frank Calkins, and Frank Kramer.

3.  This is a much later group of bank directors including Norman Glasser (cashier for many years), Mrs. Frank Kramer, Lester Lunden, Fred Cook, Frank Shipp, Howard Walker, and Allen Schreur.

4.  This group of young folks in this rustic setting – obviously dressed in the latest fashions – was probably enjoying a Sunday afternoon picnic which in those early days was a very important social function.

5.  There is a small cemetery just south of Gaylord on the west side of Old 27.  This is a picture of a Memorial Day service being held there by the G.A.R. in 1912.  G.A.R. is an acronym for the Grand Old Army of the Republic and was made up of Civil War veterans.

6.  This group of women was the Ladies Aid of the Gaylord Methodist Church

7.  Gaylord’s Study Group is perhaps the oldest organized group in the community.  It is still active and has a fairly large membership

8.  Gaylord’s Study Group – 2nd photo

9.  We don’t know who they are or what the occasion, but we do know they were all dressed up and had someplace to go.

10.  The subject and setting are so rural – so simple – so quiet and wholesome.

11.  Dad McGathy, custodian, shown with the 1927 fifth grade class.

12.  A one room rural school was a mixture of ages and a great many other things.  This school was in the Vanderbilt area.  Notice the clothing worn by the teacher and her pupils.

13.  This costumed group was evidently all set for some sort of theatrical performance in the Vanderbilt School .

14.  8th grade graduation class of 1915

15.  Official uniform of WWI

16.  Walter Pettifor in front of a Model T Ford

17.  Dr. Harris

18.  One of the early librarians in the early 1900s was Mrs. Kinney. 

19.  Dr. Fox’s twin daughters

20.  Six prominent pioneers of Otsego County – all of them over 80 years old.  Photo taken in the 1930s.  Top row left to right:  Willis Shepard, Eldon Meston, and Del Putman.  Bottom row left to right:  Ed Warner, H. C. McKinley, and John Brodie.