Old Cars

Slides 155 - 166

1.  Not many people can remember way back when this was a real novelty and the object of everyone’s’ curiosity.

2.  In those days, there weren’t very many of these around and no one had the remotest idea of what an impact it would eventually have on man and his environment.

3.  It was quite a thrill – quite an experience – to have a ride in one of these horseless carriages.

4.  There was a car manufactured right here in Gaylord.  It was called the Gaylord Car.  This is the interior of the factory where it was assembled.  The building is still in use and is located on Wisconsin Avenue just west of the Bagley Township Cemetery .

5.  This is a picture of the Utility Model of the Gaylord Car.

6.  Many Gaylord people purchased stock to finance this venture and some of them took their first ride on this snowy, wintry day.  Over 300 cars were produced and they sold for around $1000.

7.  Owners of these early cars with their canvas top, split windshield, and gas headlights were very proud of them and took meticulous care of their costly possession.

8.  In the middle of this trio is John Yuill of Vanderbilt.

9.  Roads weren’t very good in those horse-and-buggy days, but the whole family - in this case the Allen Schreur family – went riding on a Sunday afternoon.  The picture was taken just north of Vanderbilt.

10.  The need for good roads was dramatically brought to the people’s attention in the 1920s by a caravan of cars driven to Gaylord from Bay City and other southern Michigan towns.

11.  The “Better Roads Caravan” was entertained and fed at one of the Yuill Brothers logging camps near Vanderbilt.

12.  A resourceful and enterprising local mechanic had combined a car body with some sled runners to produce what might be the first snowmobile.