Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and fishing has always been a very important aspect of life in this north country.  In the beginning, it was almost a way of life.  Today the forests, lakes, and streams still provide the sportsman with game and fish.


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1.  This early deer camp is quite different from what one would see now each fall during the deer season when most hunters wear the protective red clothing.

2.  In 1905, a group of men organized the Gaylord Fishing Club.  They built this log structure on the Black River to house the membership.  The building later burned and was replaced by a more modern cement block type club house.  The organization is still active and is one of the oldest hunting and fishing clubs in the state of Michigan .

3. A close up view of the original building and some of the original members.

4.  Bobcats were quite common a few years back.  During the Depression years (1930s) this group Harry Nichols, Jim Allen, Clark Noirot, and Clark Manier spent considerable time hunting them and collecting the bounty.