Ghost Towns

Slides 130 - 134

1.  This simplified map of Otsego County reveals the exact location of a number of ghost towns that once existed.  On the map is Otsego Lake Village the first area settled in 1879.  We do not have pictures of all of the ghost towns but we do have ones of Salling, Quick, Hallock, and Logan .

2.  This is part of Otsego Lake Village on the south end of the lake.

3.  Salling was located on the north end of the lake.

4.  East just beyond Sparr was the settlement knows as Quick (New Toledo) which had its own post office.

5.  Hallock was located about half way between Gaylord and Elmira .  It was a station stop on the Boyne City , Gaylord, and Alpena Railroad.  The group in this picture was at the Hallock depot to bid farewell to Walter Pettifor who was leaving for military service during WWI. 

Other ghost towns in Otsego County include: Arthurville, Arbutus Beach, Berryville, Browns Dale, Cornwell, Cregoville, Klingensmith, Mellens, Rodgers, and Wah Wah Soo