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Gaylord has always loyally supported a City or School Band.  While the pictures of some of the early bands are somewhat amusing, we have it on good authority that they produced fine music, were very popular with the town’s people, and in great demand throughout northern Michigan .  Often they would travel to Mackinac Island to present concerts.


1.  This City Band of 1881 won first place honors in the Second Division in the state competition in Lansing .

2.  It was customary for city bands to participate in neighboring cities on special occasions.  This picture is the 1913 Gaylord Band putting on a performance in Grayling.

3.  The old Courthouse front steps provided a convenient place for this 1910 band to have its picture taken.  Banc concerts were not played on the steps, as Gaylord had a fine bandstand on the courthouse lawn.  Herb Hutchins was an active player and promoter of the band for many years.

4.  Since about 1930, most high schools have developed and created their own bands, and the city bands have ceased to exist.  Gaylord’s High School Band in the 1940s proudly posed for this picture in front of the old gym.






Here’s a very quick look at the local sports pictures as it was way back when.  With no competition from radio or T.V., most towns had their own local baseball teams that provided entertainment and spirited rivalry between one community and the others.


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1.  Henry Stephens – Otsego County ’s lumber baron and resident of Waters – often imported big league ball players to help win games and heavy wagers he had placed on the local team.  Mr. Stephens is in the back row wearing a straw hat.

2.  This baseball team and bandstand was on the site of what is now the Gaylord Intermediate School .  It was built by Mr. Stephens and consequently was called Stephens Field.

3.  This was Gaylord’s 1923 baseball team. 

4.  The 1913-14 High School basketball team didn’t have much reserve power.  A sprained ankle or an upset stomach could have created a serious situation.

5.  This was quite a common sight – Girls basketball.