Early Transportation

Slides 135 - 144

1.  The horse was not only important to the lumber industry; it played an important role in the every day needs of the community.  Prior to the coming of the railroads, the horse was the principle means of transporting people and things from one place to another.  Horses pulled wagons that delivered the mail.

2.  Horses pulled wagons that delivered groceries from the local store.

3.  Horses pulled the sprinkler wagon that kept the dust settled on the dirt roads.

4.  Horses pulled the buggy that brought rural folks to church on Sunday.

5.  Horses pulled the buggy to visits oneís friends that might live in the country.  Note the fly net on this horse.  It was suppose to keep the troublesome flies away.  If one did not own a horse, he could rent one from one of the livery stables.

6.  Sleighs were used in the winter.  This picture is of Robert Moorehead family and friends cozily wrapped in blankets and ready for a jingle-bell ride out into the country.

7.  For a bit of romance, what could be better than a sleek cutter and a spirited horse to take oneís best girl to the local barn dance?

8.  There were those who loved to ride horseback.

9.  This two-wheeled cart was something very special.  The modern equivalent would be a classy sport car.

10.  This fellow didnít get around quite as fast, but probably had just as much fun.