North Woods

Carving Club

Vol. 6 Number 6

September 2001

August Highlights

The August meeting was held at Hart Wick Pines on 8-8-01. The regular meeting was a picnic and tour of the park. All who attended seemed to have a great time. Wendell Hoover gave us a tour of the park after we had a great picnic. On behalf of the members who attended, I want to thank Wendell for a wonderful time.


There was not much to say at the meeting. Only that we lost one member and one former member. We lost Glen Boger on August 5th. Glen was a long time member and a great carver. He had been sick for some time and did not attend a lot of meetings, but it was always good to see him when he did come. Glen entered his carvings in national competitions and had done so just before his passing. He will be missed.

We also lost Doyle Osborn. Doyle was an out of state member. He lived in Arizona. I am not aware of the date of his passing. For the members that have left us, I ask that you all keep them in your prayers.

Election of Officers

The September meeting is the time we elect club officers for the 2001-2002 year. The current officers are listed at the end of the newsletter. We need as many members to attend this meeting as possible. Keep in mind that if you are not able to attend the meeting you may get elected to an office......Well maybe........ We do need as many newer members to get as involved as they can to keep new ideas at the forefront. Please attend and accept a nomination for an office if at all possible. See you at the polls. 

2002 Dues

Members are reminded that 2002 dues are payable on the date of the September Business meeting. This year it is 9-12-01. The amount of dues are listed at the end of this newsletter. Please pay your dues on time.

Calendar Items


12 Business Meeting-Election
of 2002 Club Officers 6:45 - 9 pm

26 General Carving 7- 9 pm


10 Business Meeting 6:45-9 pm
24 General Carving 7-9 pm


14 Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm
28 General Carving 7 - 9 pm

Meetings will still be held at Jim's shop unless another place is found.


The Rex Branson seminar was held on August 28th and 29th. There were a wide variety of carving blanks to choose from. We had 7 members attend the seminar. I only attended the first day of the seminar, due to a death in my family down state. The information I was able to take in on that day was very valuable to me. Rex is a very good instructor and from what I heard everyone who attended thought so too. An idea was brought up by Rex.

He suggested that we have a design and clay modeling seminar. It sounded like a good idea and can be brought up at the next meeting. Some members may remember a clay presentation at one of our meetings by a local artist Tom Russell. I thing we could get a carver who also does these kinds of seminars.

"I hope to see you at the Sept.

The North Woods Carving Club
President Bob Forde
Vice-President JoAnn Kraut
Treasurer Jim Pike
Secretary Sharon Gardner
Librarian Trudy Sanocki
Dues: $20 Initial
$15 Renewal
$25 Family Renewal

Bob Forde
P.O. Box 1282
Gaylord, MI  49734

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