North Woods

Carving Club

Vol. 6 Number 2

May 2001

April Highlights

The April meeting was held at Jim Pike's Shop and called to order at 7:00 pm on 4-11-01.  There were 25
members and 1 guest present at the meeting.  The Treasurers Report was given.  As of the date of the meeting we had $2686.54 in our accounts.


We have received several notices about upcoming events around the state.  They are in our library and can be accessed by any member at out meetings.

The banner that we made for the show to be put over main street was put up at 4:00 am by Charlie Rautio, Hugh Noeske, Jim Pike, and myself.  It went up fairly easily.  A full report on the show will be in the June newsletter.

We received a number of thank you letters from the fourth grade students that Wendell Hoover gave the carving lesson to from Roscommon.  They are in the club library for anyone to read.

The scholarship committee has made its decision for the recipient of the 2001 scholarship.  The announcement will be made at the May meeting.

The Stu Martin seminar went very well.  Not only did Stu give a great seminar, he also appeared on TV on the channel 9 and 10 morning show and gave a great interview.  Jim Pike was also on the show for a segment on our carving club.  That segment went very well.  We polled the membership about having Stu back for another seminar and everyone was very 

enthusiastic about the idea.  Information will be available in the next newsletter when we put together the next seminar.

There was interest in getting Rex Branson to give a seminar here in August.  Rex will be in Alpena toward the end of August.  We will be attempting to set something up for that time also.  Information will be upcoming.

The June, July and August general carving sessions have been cancelled due to vacations and other summer events.  The next general carving show will be in September.

Wendell Hoover made a suggestion that we hold our August business meeting at Hartwick Pines in the Grayling Area.  We could combine a picnic with the meeting and after, Wendell would give us a tour of the park.  This is the type of thing Wendell did for a living.  His knowledge is amazing and I will be looking forward to this meeting.  The membership agreed.  More information will be in the next newsletter.

A number of suggestions were made for seminars including bark carving, wood burning and animal carving.  Keep an eye of the next newsletter.

Librarian report.  We are still missing the newest book donated to the library.  It is the relief carving book.  There was not a card made out so we don't know who has it.  If that member would please let us know it would be appreciated.

New Members

I would like to welcome two new 

members  Leo Couch and Mary Stowers.  They both began with Mondays night carving sessions before joining.  Both have showed a talent for the art and are welcome additions to our club.

Calendar Items


9   Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm

23  General Carving 7 - 9 pm


13  Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm


11   Business Meeting 6:45 - 9 pm


The North Woods Carving Club
President Bob Forde
Vice-President JoAnn Kraut
Treasurer Jim Pike
Secretary Sharon Gardner
Librarian Trudy Sanocki
Dues: $20 Initial
$15 Renewal
$25 Family Renewal

Bob Forde
P.O. Box 1282
Gaylord, MI  49734

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