It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the township assessor of the homestead
status or the moving out of Hayes Township. The deadline for the changes for each year is JUNE 1. A resident may only have one homestead or principle resident in the State of Michigan. Seasonal homes do not qualify for exemption!

Residents may contact Mary Sanders by mail: 7200 Hayes Tower Rd, Gaylord 49735,
by phone: 732 4206, by email:

The proper forms must be returned prior to June 1. The original forms are mailed to Lansing after being processed at the township level.

A principle residence exemption exempts the owner from paying the 18 mills of the school operating taxes. Currently, homeowners pay about 21 mills and non-owners pay about 39 mills.

Beginning in 2013 properties that become PRE between June 1 and November 1 qualify for a winter PRE. This means that the winter tax billing will have the homestead tax amounts. The information must be received by November 1 for consideration in the current year.

Audits are conducted with the state and within some counties. When a homestead
Status (PRE) has been determined to be in error, back taxes and penalties will be assessed to the owner.

Contact Mary with any questions and clarifications.


When property is purchased in Hayes Township, a property transfer affidavit must be filed with the township assessor within 45 days of purchase. This is to verify the
correct information for all transfers of property. See the above section to notify
Mary Sanders by mail, phone, email.


The 6 mills for the State Education Tax will be collected in the summer billing.
The Gaylord Community Schools will be collecting one-half of their school
levy. In addition, the State has dictated that a portion of Otsego County operating mills will be collected in the July billing. This is due to the changes for their collection of revenue sharing through Lansing.

Remember, what is collected in the summer is deceasing the number of mills being collected in the winter billing. Summer taxes will be mailed by July 1 and will be due prior to September 14 without penalty. Winter taxes will be mailed by December 1 and will be due prior to February 14 without penalty.

Contact Jessie Geiger, Treasurer, with address corrections and any taxing questions, P.O. Box 2238, Gaylord, MI 49734, or call 231-585-7184, or email