1. Education/Awareness & Visioning
    1. Steering Committee

                                                               i.      Organizational meeting

                                                             ii.      Determine focus and target areas

                                                            iii.      Identify Hot Topics & short term pressing issues

                                                            iv.      Discuss & create marketing plan

1.       One central message (simple)

                                                              v.      Start marketing process

1.       Educate with one central message (Halt the spreading of mis- information)


    1. Program set-up and background research

                                                               i.      Photograph Existing Community Features

1.       Positive and negative

2.       Critical growth areas and development patterns

3.       Critical view corridors


                                                             ii.      Build-out Analysis of Current Regulations

1.       County, city and village ordinances build out

2.       Mapping of the three zoning ordinances

a.       Privately owned land

b.       Wetlands, lakes rivers

c.       Steep slopes

d.       Zoning districts

3.       Calculated residential build-out & population projections

a.       Calculate areas of developable land in each district

b.       Projected population = area divided by allowed density times average population per household


                                                            iii.      Illustrate coming attractions (5)

1.       Illustrate proposed development intent of the Master Plans for Otsego County, City of Gaylord, Vanderbilt Village, Elmira Township and Livingston Township

2.       Plan view of potential development patterns for five areas of the community according to the current regulations


                                                            iv.      Illustrate Critical View Sheds (3)

1.       Digital photographs with computer simulation of three view sheds

a.       Existing Conditions

b.       Build-out with current regulations

c.       Build-out with additional regulations


                                                              v.      Prepare Community Preference evaluation

1.       Prepare images of the Otsego County area and of other communities

2.       Assemble alternative comparison images for the participants of the community to rate as positive or negative with the use of a computer tally system from MSU Extension



Work Plan Outline Continued


                                                            vi.      Power Point Presentation

1.       Purpose of the Visioning Process

2.       Community Background

a.       Aerial photographs

b.       Development patterns

c.       Growth rates

d.       Demographics

3.       Build-out Analysis & Population Projections

a.       Current zoning

b.       Developable areas

c.       Growth and Population potential

4.       Coming Attractions & Current Trends

a.       Illustrate potential build-out patterns

b.       Identify assumptions for development

5.       Critical View shed Images

a.       Existing conditions

b.       Build-out with current regulations

c.       Build-out with additional regulations

6.       Community Preference Evaluation (Option Finder Software)

a.       Positive and negative images for community evaluation to help determine consensus on development characteristics

b.       Instant voting results

7.       Brainstorming Process

a.       Identify Rules & Process

b.       Summarize

c.       Priories


    1. Target Group identification

                                                               i.      Expand the Potential List of Stakeholders

                                                             ii.      Determine who the contacts should be

                                                            iii.      Create final master list of stakeholders and contacts


    1. Publicity and Promotion throughout the process

                                                               i.      Newspaper, radio, public broadcasting, website

                                                             ii.      Create a master list and contacts

                                                          iii.      Develop name & logo (Possible student graphic contest)


    1. Visioning Sessions (5 Sessions)

                                                               i.      Power Point Presentation

                                                             ii.      Community Preference Evaluation

                                                            iii.      Brainstorming

1.       Where are we now?

2.       Where are we going?

3.       Where to we want to be?

4.       How do we get there?

                                                            iv.      Summarize Ideas

                                                              v.      Evaluation of the session


    1. Follow-up Summary

                                                               i.      Identify the positive and negative development characteristics from the visioning sessions

                                                             ii.      Summarize the input for the ideal future community character

                                                            iii.      Identify potential land use policies that may need to established to support the characteristics of the common vision

Work Plan Outline Continued


                                                            iv.      Prepare a report and power point presentation of the findings


g.       Celebrate the Completed Community Vision

                                                              v.      It is a Community Event Market it


  1. Compare the existing Master Plans to the Community Vision
    1. Comparison and report preparation

                                                               i.      County Master Plan

                                                             ii.      City of Gaylord Master Plan

                                                            iii.      Village of Vanderbilt Master Plan


    1. Summary and findings


  1. Evaluate the Zoning Ordinances to the Community Vision
    1. Identify what standards may need to change and report preparation

                                                               i.      County Zoning Ordinance

                                                             ii.      City of Gaylord Zoning Ordinance

                                                            iii.      Village of Vanderbilt Zoning Ordinance


    1. Summary and findings


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