Soil Erosion Affects Our Lakes and Streams!
Why Should I Be Concerned?
• Otsego County is comprised of mostly sandy soils. In addition to being highly permeable, which poses a risk for groundwater contamination, sandy soil is also highly erodible.

• Construction is one of the top causes of soil erosion in Michigan. By using the appropriate erosion control practices the amount of sediment entering lakes and streams can be greatly minimized.

• When sediment does enter a lake or stream it can be harmful in 2 ways:
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•) Suspended sediment makes water turbid and can cause abrasion of gill membranes of aquatic organisms and impair feeding.

•) Deposited sediment can destroy habitat for bottom-dwelling organisms. It fills in gravel on the bottom that is important for species like trout when spawning. Sediment stops the flow of oxygenated water through the gravel which suffocates eggs and prevents the removal of waste products.
Click the image above to download a PDF from the NRCS highlighting various concerns over soil erosion.