Permits With a Purpose
Soil Erosion and Shoreland Permits
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Otsego Conservation District
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•If less than 225 square feet of soil will be disturbed and sediment will not reach a lake or stream, you can apply for a waiver.
• Disturb soil within 500 feet of a lake or stream*

• Disturb 1 or more acres of land*

• Disturb any soil within 50 feet of a lake or stream (shoreland permit)
• Residential soil erosion permits: $150

• Commercial soil erosion permits: $300 + $50 for each additional acre

• Shoreland Permits: $100
Click here for a printable list of agencies responsible for issuing permits.
In Otsego Count you need a soil permit if you plan to:
You may need to obtain more than one permit!
If you are conducting an earth-moving activity in Otsego County you may need more than one permit depending on what you plan to do and where.