Native plants are plants found in a region that were not introduced with the help of humans. Michigan native plants were historically found throughout the state prior to European settlement.
What are Native Plants?
Michigan Native Plants
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How can I use Native Plants?
More Information About Native Plants
Why are Native Plants Beneficial?
Native plants are adapted to the area's climate and have deep root systems that are very effective at capturing water. As a result, native plants:
• Protect water quality
• Reduce flooding
• Reduce soil erosion
• Filter contaminants from rain water
• Require little to no fertilizer or watering
Native plant species are also beneficial to wildlife that may depend on them as a source of food or as part of their habitat.
There are many ways in which you can use native plants to benefit you and the wildlife on your property:
• In gardens around your home
• In greenbelts along shorelines to improve water quality
• Around other gardens to increase the presence of beneficial insects and pollinators
• To improve habitat for wildlife throughout your property
Come visit the Otsego County Alternative Landscaping Demonstration Gardens and the Otsego Conservation District's Native Plant Nursery to learn more about native plants and see them in the gardens!

You can also contact the OCD staff before you stop by to setup a time for a guided tour at by calling (989) 732-4021 or emailing