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Otsego Conservation District
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Trees and Forests
Michigan Botanical Club List of Big Trees
Regional Landscape Ecosystems in Michigan
Alley Cropping, Riparian Forest Buffers, Windbreaks, Conservation Practice Standards - Michigan
Growing Christmas Trees in Michigan, MSU-E Bulletin E-1172
USDA-NRCS Forest Stand Improvement Standard and Conservation Sheet (Click on Technical References,
then on eFOTG, then on Michigan Map)
Crop Tree Managment in Eastern Hardwoods, NA-TP-19-93 by Arlyn Perkey
Forest*A*Syst: Forest Landowner's Assessment Guide

USDA-Forest Service Tree Owner's Manual
USDA-NRCS Michigan Tree/Shrub Pruning Guide
USDA Plants Database (pictures, site requirements, site matches)
Identifying Trees in Michigan, MSU-E Publication E-2332
Tree Identification Made Easy
SelecTree - a database that matches trees to 49 site characteristics - Tree identification and MORE!
Tree/Shrub Planting and Pruning
Forest Pest Management
Insect and Disease Images
Identifying and Reporting Forest Pests - North Central Plant Diagnostic Network
Pesticide Manufacturers and Labels
Deer Resistant Plant Database
Christmas Tree Pest Manual, MSE-E, FS Bulletin E-2376 (1998)
Friends and Partners
Otsego Wildlife Legacy Society
Otsego County Community Foundation
Huron Pines
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Alpine Master Gardener Association
Otsego County MSU Extension
Natural Resource Conservation Service
HeadWaters Land Conservancy
Otsego County 4-H
Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
Otsego County
Livingston Township
The Friendship Housing Center
The Otsego County Food Pantry
Wildflower Association of Michigan
Great Lakes Energy
Gardener's Supply Company
Farm Bureau Agency
Fleming Farm
Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
Michigan Tree Farm System
University of Michigan Herbarium
Midwest Invasive Plants Network
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Friends of the Garden
Louis M. Groen Nature Preserve
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