But Wait! There's More!
The Otsego Conservation District is not your only option for cost-share programs. We highly encourage individuals to take a look at the cost-share program offerings from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

NRCS is a federal agency that offers technical and financial assistance to farmers and others in order to help protect natural resources.
The Otsego Conservation District currently provides two cost-share programs to the public, both of which are made possible by generous grants from the Otsego Wildlife Legacy Society (OWLS): the Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Program (WHEP) and the Food Plot Program.

Each year residents of Otsego County that take advantage of these programs improve the wildlife value of their property while having up to 65% of all costs reimbursed and learning a boatload in the process!

So, do you
want bigger bucks, a sundry of songbirds, or just a harmonious habitat?

Click on the buttons below to learn how we can make it happen while sharing the financial burden!
Contributing to Private Land Conservation Practices
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