Type of Garden: Rain Garden
Garden Location: Charlevoix Public Library
Address: 220 Clinton St., Charlevoix, MI 49720 (Click for Map)
Descriptive Garden Signs at Site: Yes
Plants Labeled at Site: No
Contact: Jen Gelb
Phone: (231) 347-1181
E-mail: jen@watershedcouncil.org
Charlevoix Educational Rain Garden
Copyright 2012
Otsego Conservation District
800 Livingston Blvd., Ste. 4A, Gaylord, MI 49735
(989) 732-4021 / posburn@otsegocountymi.gov / Facebook
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The Charlevoix Public Library’s rain garden is an example of a stormwater best management practice (BMPs) and is designed to treat runoff before it enters the local stormwater systems or surface waters.

Runoff enters from all sides of the garden, but concentrated flow enters off the end of the new city parking lot. Much of the runoff will be absorbed into the soils immediately, however some will continue through the garden to the lowest point. Any ponding should be temporary (up to several hours). The storm drain found at the center of the garden will act as a safety valve and will prevent any flooding of the garden and adjoining areas.

Many organizations and individuals contributed to this project and include the Charlevoix Public Library, Friends of the Library, Harbor Industries employees, Pat Elliot, Mr. Scholten’s ninth-grade Spanish class at Charlevoix High School, and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

The garden was first excavated to the proper depth, backfilled with a porous planting medium, and planted with a diverse array of approximately 1,000 native Michigan shrubs, grasses, sedges, and forbs. The plants will encourage stormwater infiltration and filter pollutants including sediments and nutrients.
Plants present include (but are not limited to): Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta), Green Headed Coneflower, Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica), Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis), Culver's Root (Veronicastrum virginicum), Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum), Giant St. John's Wort (Hypericum ascyron), Golden Alexanders (Zizia aurea), Green Headed Coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata), Ironweed (Vernonia missurica), Marsh Blazing Star (Liatris spicata), Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum tenuifolium), New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae), Nodding Wild Onion (Allium cernuum), Riddell's Goldenrod (Solidago riddellii), Rough Blazing Star (Liatris aspera), Sedge (Carex bicknellii), Showy Tick Trefoil (Desmodium canadense), Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus), Switch Grass
Leadplant (Amorpha canescens), Meadowsweet (Spirea alba), Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius).