Started in 2012, the Seed to Harvest Program offers children in grades 3 through 6 the opportunity to take part in a summer of planting seeds and watching them grow.

We start at the beginning by allowing the children to choose what it is they want to grow, from flowers to vegetables. Once the children have decided what they would like to plant we give them the seeds and show them how to start plants early in our greenhouse all the time educating them in the processes that will ensure gardening success.

Guest speakers are brought in while the plants are germinating to educate the children via the MSU Junior Master Gardener curriculum, which includes a variety of topics such as plant biology, pests, diseases, soil, water, and much more.

Once the frost has passed we take the children into our Seed to Harvest garden, a special garden designed by and for kids, and help the children plan and plant THEIR garden. We avoid all toxic fertilizers and pesticides, instead relying on age old products such as composted cow manure. This way we ensure that not only do the children have a chance to plant a safe, natural, organic garden, but the produce they grow is jam-packed with flavor and nutrition.

In addition to growing food for themselves and their family, the children also donate a significant amount of their produce to local groups such as The Friendship Housing Center and the Otsego County Food Pantry.

Why? Because gardening isn't just about growing something you want, but about sharing and caring for the earth and others.

Interested in learning more about the Seed to Harvest Program or signing your child up for the next session?

Contact Justin Burchett at (989) 732-4021 or by emailing
A Unique Gardening Education Experience for Otsego County Youth Grades 3-6
Seed to Harvest
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