The Otsego Conservation District is a government-agency put in place to help all landowners and citizens in Otsego County manage their resources wisely within the intrisic capability of the land, while working towards achieving the goals of the landowner, all while maintaining a careful consideration to the future of our resources for the generations to come.

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Nearly every county in Michigan has a conservation district, though a few conservation districts cover an area larger than a single county. To learn more about other conservation districts in Michigan visit the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts website by clicking the link below!
• Otsego County is located in the central portion of Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula.

• The majority of this rolling country is forestland though some farming does take place despite our generally sandy soils.

• Since much of Otsego County consists of excessively drained to well drained soils, ground water contamination and soil erosion are topics of major concern.

• There are more than 370 lakes throughout Otsego County.

• The headwaters of 5 major rivers can be found in Otsego County (the Au Sable, Black, Manistee, Pigeon, and Sturgeon River).

• Otsego County includes a diversity of habitat and is home to many species of fish and wildlife, including the federally endangered Kirtland's warbler and several state endangered, threatened, and special concern plants and animals.

• Otsego County's natural resources provide countless opportunities for outdoor recreation.
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Since we are a local unit of government, we are governed by a board of local officials elected to four-year terms at the district's annual meeting.
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