Alpine Master Gardener Association

Minutes of August 24, 2011 

Call to order: Jeanne Freymuth 8 pm, Karen Blewett was not present.

Minutes stood as is: 

Treasurers Report: Michelle Roberts presented the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. The associations current checkbook balance as of Aug. 15, 2011 is $4668.43. We have 49 current paid members for 2011, with 15 newbie’s, 64 total. Susan Dangler moved to approve the statement. Sally Jarvis supported motion to approve, motion was approved. 

Events: Jeanne Freymuth, Kent Strawderman spoke on the Fall Gardening Extravaganza, vendors will 17 booths with one left for our cookbook sales. Kent sent information to several businesses in town, TV, radio stations for marketing our fall garden extravaganza. 

Garden Committee: Annette Yasin spoke on Otsego County Fair, asked if someone would take pictures at the fair. 

Fundraiser Committee: Betty Steinhoff, cookbooks are still selling well, payments have been made to Morris Press, (bookmaker). 

Old Business: Patricia Osborn talked about Conservation Day Camp, for kids. The program went very well. Great Lakes Energy funded the program this year. The children’s garden was a good project. Seed to Harvest is the major project. 

New Business: Susan Dengler had a request that we could have different items for door prizes at the fall extravaganza. Herb tea cups in baskets or garden related items. 

Meeting adjourned 8:40 pm 


Brent Stoddard