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About the Otsego Community Connection

  • What is the OCC?
    The Otsego Community Connection (OCC) was developed through a federal Library Services and Technology Act Grant provided to the Otsego County Library.  As part of our mission to meet the educational, informational, cultural, and personal interest needs of area residents, the Otsego County Library created an electronic civic network linking residents to local government, Health and Human Resources, educational, human service and cultural organizations.  An advisory committee made up of community partners initially worked with the library to provide organizational guidance and ensure that OCC serves the needs of the community.

  • Purpose:
    To gather and make readily accessible the wide range of unique local and regional information Otsego County residents need to enhance their daily lives and allow them to actively participate in the community. The OCC website will serve as the portal to local sites on the internet.

  • Scope of the Project:

    • Access to the Internet:   
      The Otsego Community Connection is aware that the internet is an important source of information and will work to overcome the digital divide and ensure that all of Otsego County has access to Internet resources.

    • Content:  
      A consolidated community website can allow individuals and community organizations to share information and ideas and help coordinate opportunities within the county.  For example, every citizen should be able to access the web site to find out how to contact elected officials, where to go to obtain services, and locate educational and recreational opportunities.  Information will be provided by the organizations themselves, and should be easily searchable and updated frequently.

    • Technical Infrastructure:  
      OCC will enable organizations to maintain a web presence through the pooling and sharing of resources, such as web servers, software applications, technical support, system management, trainers, and internet connectivity.  Web development tools such as a computer workstation with Microsoft FrontPage, flatbed scanner, digital camera, and color laser printer will be available for use.

    • Training:  
      The OCC will provide web development training to help content providers put their information online.  Volunteers will be recruited both from participating organizations and the greater community to develop local content.

    • Marketing:  
      The OCC website will be promoted within the community as a first step to finding local information through:

      • News stories, advertising and interviews in the local media

      • Presentations to local groups

      • Displays at special events

      • Promotional handouts and giveaways

      • Registration with search engines

      • Links from other websites


    If you have any questions, please call (989) 732-5841 or email occ@otsego.org for more information.  

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